Badr Fundraising Project

EDEN FOUNDATION had launched a fundraising initiative this Ramadhan 1438h and we still need your support. We currently have a fantastic network with the community and an ongoing favourable relationship with alumni graduate students and their parents. We aim to continue, and foster this relationship with those who have been with us, past or present. When we say ‘we’ it means everyone that is involved with the Madrasah in every shape or form; there are so many individuals that have helped the Madrasah and are continuing to help. This Madrasah is the ‘Community’, this Madrasah is ‘Yours’, it is ‘Ours’.


Alhamdulillah, ever since we moved to the current premises and the building at the bottom of Booth Street, which was taken off the market whilst we are fundraising, we have been actively looking for permanent suitable premises. The hurdle we always face is funds. In the current climate, as the property space is growing and values of properties are always rising, for a suitable and respectable centre for the future of Eden Foundation, we need a minimum of £500k. This is where we need you.


The Badr Project 2017 is a huge project for fund-raising initiatives; an accolade to the historical battle where for the first time ever, in the Holy month of Ramadhan, 313 Muslims had to stand up united and defend Islam. In honour of the participants of Badr and the ethos their sacrifice stood for, we are requesting £1000 each from you, from each potential donor, to meet the cost of the new premises. The Madrasah will commemorate this contribution from you by creating a special display, in our new premises, with a Personalised Wall Plaque for each donor.


This is a huge opportunity for you to make a difference for your community as Eden Foundation will Insha-Allah serve, teach and inspire until the Day of Qiyamah. The recipients that will be benefitting for helping this cause will be the whole community and generations and generations to come. It brings me great pride to think that Eden Foundation has had hundreds of students walk through its doors to learn their faith to a level that can serve them their entire lifetime. It has given them a platform to be able to speak and be proud about their faith. Moreover, Eden Foundation is producing Huffadh and a few of them are leading Taraweeh this year. It’s a great honour for our whole community as this investment in our children ‘IS’ the investment for our Aakhirah.  In a Hadith in Sahih Muslim, Muhammad (pbuh) has said, ‘’When a person dies, his acts come to an end except for three; Sadaqa Jaariya (continuous charity), beneficial knowledge, or a pious child who prays for the deceased’’. Let us all strive to be of those who can benefit, Insha-Allah.


We are seeking 313 people to donate £1000.00 pounds each. This can be given as a family or individually and can be given as one payment or multiple payments. The name of each donor will be placed on the Badr Project Wall in the building we will purchase with these funds. Insha’Allah. Also, we will have a progress chart in Madrasah where we can track updates in a transparent way. We already have many people donated Alhamdulillah. We would like you to take advantage of this opportunity for the future of Eden Foundation Handsworth and surrounding areas. Let us stand up together and unite in helping this noble cause.


If you wish to participate in this noble project you are welcome to spread the cost over as many months as you would like that suits your financial ability.

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Ways to Donate


By Post: Make cheque and postal orders payable to “Eden Foundation". Please do not forget to add the following information at the back of the cheque:

“Badr Project”

Cash In Hand: Cash donation are accepted with proof of donation. Please keep donation receipt for your records.


Bank Transfer: You can transfer money direct to our bank account:
(Please add Badr Project +Donation Type as reference)


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