Complaints Policy

The aim of this policy:

The school aims, to operate simple but widely known and understood procedures to ensure that complaints are considered and resolved in a timely, fair, consistent and equitable manner.
Users are defined as students, student’s parent/guardian, staff and trustees.


The objectives of this policy are:

To ensure that any action taken is necessary, fair and consistent, and that users are provided with adequate information concerning reasons for action and improvement sought (if appropriate).

To clearly identify the process to be followed by the appropriate personnel in dealing with an issue.

To indicate actions, which should be taken.

To specify the levels of management, which have the authority to take or implement action.

To ensure that no users will in any way be disadvantaged as a result of the complaints procedure.

All complaints will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. The length of the period will vary with the gravity and complexity of the complaint and the urgency with which it needs to be settled. However, the intention is that all complaints should be settled within a period which is reasonable in all the circumstances.

Improve communications by listening to the views of pupils, parents, staff, the local and wider community.


How a Complaint Can Be Made

A complaint can be made in the following ways:

In person

By telephone

By letter


Care will be taken to

Clarify the nature of the complaint.

Clarify the outcomes sought.

Check whether the person making a complaint requires support of any kind, for example with language difficulties.

Explain the complaints procedure.