Eden Foundation Islamic school offers a full and balanced Islamic curriculum while ensuring the essential knowledge of Islam are taught effectively. We also aim to integrate a solid Islamic standard, which will enable our children to represent their identity practically. An emphasis will be made on good manners, discipline and respect for all Allah’s creation.

The school offers an Islamic education which includes: – Recitation of the Holy Qur’aan, Aadhaab (manners), Fiqh (Islamic studies) and Seerah (the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).



Teachers plan high quality work for children with assessment tasks designed to monitor and ensure that teaching is effective. We record all progress regularly in order to be able to plan the next stages of learning and teaching. At the end of each academic year the children will  be tested orally of their Quran Recitation by external examiners. Furthermore a written examination of what they have learn throughout the academic is undertaken, in order to achieve a realistic and valid assessment of their progression and learning.


Appropriate observations are made with regards to the six areas of learning: Creative Development, Islamic Language and Literacy, Islamic Knowledge and Understanding of the Quran, Personal, Social and Physical Development. We will also be introducing parent’s involvement in their child’s progress and assessment. Parents are requested to ensure that children do not take additional holidays over and above the school holiday period.


Parents must bear in mind that unless children attend Islamic school regularly, the information collated by teachers through systematic assessment will be less than satisfactory. It is therefore very important that absence from Islamic school is kept to the bare minimum unless under the most unavoidable circumstances.


We hold two parents meeting throughout the academic year which allows the parents to discuss with teachers face to face in regards to their child progression and any concerns in the Islamic school. We humbly request that all parents attend this important parent meeting by the appointed time allocated .


* 6 Year Curriculum document -To obtain a copy please contact us!