Eden Foundation History

Eden Foundation is a registered non-profit charity organisation under the name Handsworth Education and Training Centre Limited. It is located in North West Birmingham, Handsworth area.


The Madrasah was founded in July 2004. It started with about 45 students and 2 teachers. It now has about 120 students and 7 teachers, attracting students over 5-mile radius. The students are aged between 5-16 with girls up to the age of 12.


It is held in multi-function hall as adult sisters and brothers Tajweed classes. It also has monthly assemblies such as inviting public speakers to dialog with students in daily life. Every year the Madrasah holds a graduation event for the students who have completed successfully the 5-year course.


The origins of the Madrasah came about when there was a lack of organised and effective Islamic education available in the Handsworth area. This lead to a generation of adult and children unable to learn, read and understand and fundamental basis of Islam such as beliefs, self-purity, Islamic identity, morals and manners of Rasulullah SAW, the Sahabah and pious predecessors who should be our role models, and also reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed.