Eden Foundation Madrassah Structure

Eden Foundation Madrassah consists of  2 hours sessions, Monday to Friday and are broken down into two lesson. First lesson the pupil will learn how to read the Quran with tajweed rules and the second lesson pupil will be taught the basic principle and foundation of Islam over a 5 year period course. Each pupil are allocated to the year group based on their knowledge of Islam and age.


At the end of each academic year pupils are tested orally on their reading of the Quran from external examiner. Furthermore, year 2, 3,4 and 5 undertake a written examination on topics of the syllabus they had been taught throughout the academic year. This examination enables us to see how much Islamic knowledge each individual student understood.


After examination and results students are awarded at the presentation event for their achievement in examination results, attendance and behaviour. This coming academic year some of the students who have completed the 5 year course successfully will graduate with an special award for their achievement of completing the course.


Eden Foundation hold two parents meeting where staff and parents can engage and discuss their child progression and results. Please see our website for more information on when the meeting will be held.


For more information about Eden Foundation Children Education Syllabus, please click on the syllabus page.


If you would like your child to enrol to our madrassah please contact us or download our application and send back to us by email or post.



Hafiz Class –  Alhamdulilah, Eden Foundation Madrassah have been providing weekday evening Hifz class for pupils aged from 11-18 years over 2 years. We have approximately over 5 students enrolled. Our qualified English speaking hifz teacher who have been DBS checked have been listening to pupils reciting the Quran without looking at the scriptures.


If you would like your child to enrol to our hifz class. Please contact us or fill in the application form.