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Eden Foundation is an non profit educational charity organisation located in the community of Handsworth, serving the Muslim populations of  North West Birmingham.

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Badr Project

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**DONORS NAMES: #1 Abdur Rahman **

We have launched the Badr Project. As we know the Battle of Badr took place in Ramadhan where 313 of the very first Muslims had no choice but to defend Islam. So, therefore what best time and month is there to spend in the way of Allah.

‏We are seeking 313 people to donate £1000.00 pounds each. This can be given as a family or individually and can be given as one payment or multiple payments. The name of each donor will be placed on the Badr Project Wall in the building we will purchase with these funds. Insha’Allah. Also, we will have a progress chart in Madrasah where we can track updates in a transparent way. We already have 5 people Alhamdulillah, remember the rewards are multiplied many folds in Ramadhan. Take advantage of this opportunity for the future of Eden Foundation Handsworth and surrounding areas.

If you wish to participate in this noble project you are welcome to spread the cost over as many months as you would like that suits your financial ability. Please click here for more information and ways to donate.

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Jazakallah khair

Madrasah Fundraising Team

Eden Foundation Madrassah Information

Assalamu Alaykum,

I humbly remind parents/guardians to be extremely cautious when dropping off or picking up children from madrasah.

Please follow these simple steps:

1) Please park considerately and DO NOT BLOCK the driveways of the neighbours.

2) DO NOT Park in their drives

3) DO NOT park on either side of the verge at the entrance to the car park even for a second to drop off your child/ren

4) DO NOT Enter the madrasah car park with your vehicle if it is full or if it means you have reverse out

6) DO NOT BLOCK any cars

7) any guidance issued by the parking volunteers must be adhered to. Any concerns you may have please feel free to come in to the office and talk to Moulana A. Rahman sahib.

8) YOU MUST NEVER take any matter in your hands

9) ALWAYS keep in mind the safety of each and every individual.

Failure to comply and jeopardising the safety will have severe consequences including the loss of seat at Eden Foundation.

I wish for everyone’s cooperation in this matter and support.

Jazakallah khair

Eden Foundation khadim

Moulana Mowdud